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January 20, 2006


Kari Chisholm

FYI - there are probably three or four other candidates in the race, though they may not have filed yet.

That said, I'm supporting Jeff Cogen. He's exactly the kind of guy we want in government. Smart, good, innovative. Experience starting his own business, crafting smart policy ideas (like the wind power thing), and advocating for the less fortunate. I was also had a ringside seat when he fashioned a deal to merge two nonprofits together - and saved them both.

(Merging nonprofits almost NEVER happens, since no one cashes out when that happens -- all the more impressive.)

Jeff's the right guy for the job.

Kari Chisholm

Oh, and the City tech folks won't likely have much involvement in tech over at the County. :)

Jenni Simonis

If I heard right, some of the other candidates who are running are working on getting signatures to put them on the ballot.

Lew Frederick is also running for the seat and is the candidate I'm supporting.


Kari--ha! My Portland-centric view of Multno shines through. How embarrassing. :) Perhaps the county guys will handle it better.


You do mean Linus Torvalds, of course, not Linus Pauling.


it's correction day at Also Also! Torvalds, of course--you're right. Linus Pauling is this guy. Pauling was actually a native Portlander, so I was only a little afield.

At least we're better than the Washington Post--we correct immediately! LOL

jeff cogen

I'm glad you like those ideas Joe....and thanks Kari! If folks are interested in learning more about why I'm running for County Commissioner please visit my campaign website at www.jeffcogen.org or consider coming to a house party or neighborhood event.

Amanda Fritz

Adding to Correction Day, on the next - it's Amanda Fritz, not Frist. I've mused that Fritz isn't a particularly catchy last name for a candidate, so thanks for illustrating it could be so much more of a problem to overcome.


Being associated with the Senator from Tennessee may not help, either. I had it right many times before, so I hope you forgive the typo Amanda--but I would have written in to complain as well.

11:50 that night appears to have been a rotten time for me to try to write a well-proofread piece. Apologies to everyone, readers included.

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