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January 05, 2006



Wow...really attracting the best around here, eh TJ?


I suppose being politically correct is more important than facing the truth and dealing with the issues. When I tell my kids that they cannot drive my motorcar yet, because they are only twelve and thirteen years old, am I being derogatory, or guilty of discrimination, or am I doing it for the safety of my children and other road users?
It is time people learn to actually discern the difference between politics and reality, two totally different mindsets and value systems. Politics, as it is today, is purely for the benefit of politicians and to those with close ties to the ‘elected’. Politics has nothing to do with ‘for the good of the people or the nation’. Calling people racist because they point out differences is pathetic, politically motivated and totally against natural law. The reason why Africa cannot lift itself up out of the gutter has not been properly debated because it becomes a ‘racial’ issue. Years after the colonialists have left, even though the rest of the world have gone through major world wars, Bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu, and the list goes on, yet have rebuild those countries into wealthy economies and flourishing societies, Africa is still in the dark ages and dying of famine and common waterborne diseases. So much so that blacks are streaming to the milk and honey of the western world and then ending up by biting the hand that feeds them. Are whites and the western world perfect, not by a long shot, but we have learned through many more generations of evolution. If we were all equal would it not have been the same in Africa, with vast resources in mineral wealth and arable agricultural land? You can twist my use of phrases and language to suit your purpose but you cannot, and refuse to even try to explain, why there is such a gulf between Africa and the rest of the developed world. The reality is that forcible integration of races and cultures leads to clashes and animosity. The evidence is in France, Brittain, US, South Africa and everywhere that blacks are being politically integrated into more evolved societies. Politically fuelled racial clashes do not occur in China or Japan because of the absolute minority of blacks in those countries. Whoever decided to censor my letter have indicated that it is better to accept the subtle condoning of the killing of Bryan Harvey and his family rather than being ‘politically incorrect’ and debating the true differences between races. It is a shame, and unfortunately it will lead to a lot more suffering than facing the truth and accepting the fact that a few egos will be dented.


Mark, I censored your previous letter because it reflected dangerously uneducated material espousing pure hatred towards an entire race of people. I won't stand for it, and I will block your IP if you continue in that vein.


TorridJoe, there is no hatred in me for any person, group or race. It is sad that that it always appears to be the interpretation that politically minded people choose. As for dangerously uneducated material..., I am living in the real world. People get killed every day through all manner of events. If there is a recognisable trend then surely it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Yet, everyone is too afraid to face the truth. I have empathy for the uneducated black masses that have been thrown into the cauldron of western civilisation and are expected to perform equally. It is not going to happen in an instant, as is nine months of discomfort of labour not going to disappear...
Unfortunately these types of issues cannot be debated without looking at the roots of the problem and anyone that believes otherwise is in denial. The differences in races are being covered up by political agendas and innocent people on both sides are suffering the consequences. You criticize and condemn me for being direct and to the point but you are unwilling to recognise that there is a problem and debate the causes.
I’ll ask you directly then TorridJoe, what is it that caused or contributed to the failure of Africa to reach first world status? What has made every single black ruler in Africa to date turn into a dictator and mass murderer? Why is it that every single black economy in Africa has deteriorated to a state of total chaos and has to rely almost entirely on food and aid from the western world? …..unless you believe none of this has and is happening and that I’m a racist fabricating lies to espouse hatred.

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