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January 11, 2006




I think we are on to something. We don't often get to see people on display for prolonged periods of time under pressure. It is fascinating.

This man has worked so hard to get to this place that he put his humanity on hold.

I don't take responsibility for being mean to him or the folks like him when he was younger (aside from the fact that I was 3000 miles across the country) but I bet some folks did. Rather than the long-haired folks sitting in the Dean's office (did they do that at Princeton?) who more likely simply paid no attention to the Alitos, I'm betting it was the upper class George Bush-types around him that made him feel like a brown-nosing, non-athletic scholarship boy. He looks like he's spent his entire life trying to prove that he's good enough to be in their gang. So here he is sweating it out in front of the whole country. A sorry sight.



this may be of interest to anyone sick of bush pushing the limits of the constitution.. Al Gore will be speaking on Monday the 16th .. read below..


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