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October 20, 2005



People seem to be missing something about Judy Miller. Maybe it's not that she's being "roped" in to this scheme. Just as she appeared to be part of the WHIQ disinformation team on the WMDs, she could have been part of the team in getting back at Wilson/Plame. Why did she go to jail? Nobody thinks she did it to protect Libby; indeed she seems to have lied in his favor, according to her story in the Times. How could she forget who told her about "Valerie Flame"? Why is her whole story about why she went to jail and the Libby waiver incoherent? Why did Robert Bennett make a deal that she would talk only about Libby? Why did Rove and some others say they first heard about Plame from a journalist? Why didn't she do the story on Plame herself? Isn't the most likely scenario that she was a participant in the outing-Plame scheme, rather than the recipient of an unsuccessful effort to get the story out? Maybe she went to jail to protect herself and Bennett did her a great service by limiting her testimony to Libby instead of her participation the scheme.


Oh, I fully agree. Something is not right about her involvement in this. Since she seemed very much a willing dupe in the WMD affair, there's ample reason to believe she was still carrying White House water.

You raise excellent questions; I hope they get asked by the difference makers.

Thanks for the comment!

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