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October 04, 2005



Yes, indeed. The Republicans have released themselves from their no-criticize contracts; they are devouring their own.

Thanks for the pointer to Reddhedd the attorney's post. GRRRREAT STUFF!


Don't forget that in 2004 Bush promised us another Clarence Thomas, who was lower than a hack, a bootlicker of Strom Thurmond, and Thomas was distinguished only by being the kind of guy who would do that in light of Strom's career of racism. After hanging around Strom, Thomas had a job sabotaging the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He is an astonishly bad judge even for such credentials. Bush has had Miers as his personal lawyer for many years and knows her quite well. And Bush vouches for her being another Thomas. She probably is.


The hardcore lefties who are so used to going after Bush on every single thing are breathing fire before they know much about Miers.

The rub for me is that Miers was recommended by Reid. Something is up there...and it may just be a very shrewd move on the part of the Senate Minority Leader.


James Dobson is also supporting her..... after a well placed phone call from Rove, that he's "not at liberty to talk about."

Add to that she headed a law firm with a large "union avoidance" department.... the Good Housekeeping seal of approval among Bush nominees.

Being a memeber of an Evangelical church puts her right in the midst of the un-holy alliance of modern day Pharisees and Herodians. I don't think the rabid right has anything to worry about. She probably is in the mold of Scalia and Thomas.

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