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August 29, 2005


Chris Smith

It's worth pointing out that while there is some outside foundation money supporting Voter Owned Elections, it was strongly supported on a local basis by a variety of organizations that a decidedly community-based, including Oregon Action, City Club and the League of Women Voters.


Certainly so, Chris. I operated from the understood premise that both sides have most if not all of their efforts from local support. However, while the "illegal filing" against the PBA was pretty much a technicality (and one of them owned a Portland business), it is true that fairly big chunks of money have come from out of state to support the reform. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it should be info that is out there.

Thanks for the important comment.

activist kaza

hey Joe:

Another Portland, Emanuel (note the single "m") Hospital born, non-resident echoes your thoughts. It's sad that the capitalist money-changers thrown out of the temple are attempting to use the petition system to create some unrecognizable "outrage" about this decision. You're exactly right that we elect officials to implement most change; not to continue to refer everything to us in referenda. Now if we could only get the legislature to behave a little more responsibly as the Portland city council...

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