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July 07, 2005



Here is to sending good thoughts and prayers out to all of Britain.

Ronald Rutherford

It seems that everyone has come to the conclusion that an Islamic Terrorist group was responsible for the London Bombing, and more specifically an offshoot of Al Qaeda. I know that this may be correct but I have a suspicion that it was not. The timing and the crudeness of the devices seems to rule out these groups(see Terrorist(s) Killed in the London Bombings? at http://confederateyankee.mu.nu/). Some have suggested IRA sympathizers, and again I would tend to doubt this since the Irish have seemed relatively calm with good economic growth.
Even before I read THE 7/7 ATTACKS: SEND IN THE CLOWNS at http://michellemalkin.com/ I thought about Eco-terrorists and the anarchists protesting the G8 meeting and anything anti-western. Does Al Qaeda have some significance to 7/7 compared to 3/11 or 9/11? Or do they just like number relationships like my birthdate of 03/03/x3? Al Qaeda likes to brag and boast about their acts. Even when they are not involved they like to take credit (Like domestic terrorists acts or the refinery expolsion in Texas). Would a young Arab man leaving a backpack on a seat and then leaving not be suspicious? I am hoping that people in the US would be smarter than that. Didn’t the packages raise suspicions? I know that even at Oregon State University in the mid 80’s we had to stay in class because a box in the courtyard looked out of place. Some have suggested the modus operandi is similar to Al Qaeda attacks, but I believe that every similarity could be simulated and the information garnered from public sources. Thusly only a group that wants anarchy without being discovered would do this act.


WaPo had a piece yesterday that indicated it's pattern of similarities and differences actually made an al-Qaeda-branded act. And the "branding" is the key; they are terrorist franchisees that operate entirely independently and use very loose affiliation with bin Ladin or Zawahiri, sometimes none at all--just an act undertaken in the name of The Base.

Anything's possible, but I think this is as suspected--a cell of young turks (small t) who put it together likely over the internet and got it done.

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