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July 18, 2005



Great post. We have our work cut out for us, but no matter what we're going to make this happen!


Thanks. I really do believe it's inevitable, so the question is merely when--with the obvious axiom that sooner is better. Hell, sell it based on the economy...who wouldn't want a bunch of well educated professionals, mostly without children but with an urge for domesticity, to populate your town? Hawthorne/Belmont is better with lesbians than it was with the granola set!

Ronald Rutherford

What's wrong with granola?
I have not been to Portland in a long time. Is the Burnside Bridge area still a dump? Is it still the area where all the bums hang out?
I think I will have a granola bar now...Sounds like a good idea.


There's still some bums on Burnside...but it's actually polished up a bit.

Forgive me...but what does granola have to do with it?

Ronald Rutherford

Torrid just above me had said "Hawthorne/Belmont is better with lesbians than it was with the granola set!" And of course I was just having fun.:) & :)
Now that I have had my granola, I think I will visit preemptivekarma.

And it looks as if the links are working now. :) Thanks.


"granola" is my shorthand term for the boho, hippie, raw foods, Deadhead, pre-commune set. It's used as a term of endearment; I like those kinds of people (if they're not militant about it). But I'll take 2 meticulous lesbians living in a Hawthorne bungalow and commuting to their jobs at OHSU, over a houseful of semi-employed stoners with a keg on the front porch and tie-dye sheets for curtains. :)

Ronald Rutherford

In that case pass the joint and fill the dogs dish up with JD.
I couldn't help myself.:)


Ohhhh....I guess I didn't see that in TJ's comment.


I like em all..lesbians..granolas..whatever. As long as they vote liberal. :)

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