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July 12, 2005



yannow...I was saying that the Plame leak was all about covering up lies on the Iraq invasion A WEEK AGO!

Where's my AlsoAlso cred? (sniff)


oh yeah? Well I posted on it before the war even started! Wait, it was before 9/11! Yeah, that's it!



I just wanted it on the record that I was the first one not to totally suck figuring this thing out.


Ronald Rutherford

No matter what carla thinks, I think it was a fine post.
I still don't get why Valerie Plame asked Joe Wilson to go to Niger to investigate. And why Joe Wilson took it upon himself to editorialize his feelings and findings in public other than through the CIA and congress. I can see the Clintonian double speak here but did Joe Wilson step into the deep end? I would assume if my wife is in the CIA and did not want her outed I would try to maintain a low profile.


Perhaps you don't get it because the record doesn't currently show that she sent him. That's Rove's spin. And in any case, it would appear that it was Cheney's OSP that originally requested to CIA that someone make the trip.

Ronald Rutherford

It may be Rove's spin but even if Cheney had asked for someone to make the trip I am not convinced that Joe Wilson was the right man. But in any case I look forward to seeing how this plays out.


Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Plame arranged for Wilson to go to Niger.

Wilson still found out that the Niger documents were forged and still put a big monkey wrench into the intelligence fixing scenario.

How is Karl Rove absolved of outing a covert CIA operative..even under that circumstance?

Ronald Rutherford

Thanks for your input carla.
I am not saying that anything on the surface will absolve any wrongdoing by the WH, but just wanted to ask a few questions as to the motivations of the actors in this play. I wonder if Joe Wilson had considered the consequences of his actions and what actions were available to him?


Of course, it is completely absurd to say that Plame (a CIA employee) sent Wison (via the State Department) on a fact finding mission. There is no way in hell that a CIA spy would get to make any decisions whatsoever about a state department mission. I beleve the truth may be that she recommended her husband, but even that is questionable.

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