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June 26, 2005



I saw that story, and held off because it was unnamed UN officials--not at all because I disbelieve it, but I've learned you have to pick you rhetorical outrage spots. It's not DSM-enough, this one. But there is a definite war of credibility going on between the White House and the international NGO's. I have a piece drafted about the ICRC as the most recent target I hope to get to, today.,


Eh, if Forbes is covering it, then I'm comfortable with it. I tend to believe it's credible. I'm sure you're aware that some 70% of Americans believe our treatment of war prisoners is okay. Some even think we could step up the torture a bit. The stage is set for this debate, and what better foe to have it with than the dasturdly UN, which puts Sudan on the Human Rights Commission? Take it to Congress (Democrats?), and like I said long ago, let's get those in favor of our practices on the record for posterity if nothing else.

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