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June 20, 2005



And DoD was ready to blame the FBI if the torture stories from Gitmo ever came out--which is why agents wrote the memos that Durbin read on the floor last week. Not to say that the Feds didn't fock this one up royally, but if there would be political mileage in blaming Hoover's Boyz for the misdeeds of the administration, they'd surely do it.


The CIA and the FBI have historically enjoyed an indepenced the NSA and DIA haven't. The need for that independence is long established and part of what protects us from being a police state. I'm not suggesting Bush desires a police state, but I think it's pretty clear the independence of criminal investigation and intelligence gathering has not worked well when his desires were contradictory to independent fact finding. So, the CIA finds itself getting retooled by Bush insiders. Negroponte gets a new position trumping them all. And the FBI is ignored, underfunded, and undermined.

I wish the Feds had arrested those impersonating Feds while conducting interrogations. Their testimony might have been very revealing.

Ronald Rutherford

Very good job Zap!
A good blog makes you think outside the lines.
This may lead me to see the failures of some investigations lacked any skills.
While I don't hold any of the 9/11 conspiracies after looking at much of the information available, I wonder if investigators failed miserably by incompetence in the anthrax scare and the DC sniper or a coverup occured in the first incident?
I also believe that the US knows where Osama Bin Laden is located at exactly. The US may believe ,rightly or wrongly, that having him hide in a cave is better than having to put him on trial or having him be a martyr. I can not believe that the power of US can not find a man with satelites, drones, eaves dropping equipment and money to burn. Over 4 years bin Laden has been releasing audio and video tapes, I would assume there must be some clues as to where he is.
Zap, are you going to do a post on where bin Laden is?
Do you and TJ have the same e-mail address?


For blog purposes, yes, we use the same address. [email protected]. Torrid is more responsive than me. I always forget to check it. Give me a heads up here if something is there, and I'll be sure to see it.

I can write a short post on the likely places to seek bin Laden. I would need a little lighter personal schedule, and the motivation, to write a highly detailed post on the topic. But "my thinking" will be included in response to Porter Goss's very recent compelling comment, his "excellent idea."

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