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June 25, 2005


Ron Rutherford

I have been working on a project at work and it relates to political blogs. I don't see much beyond left-right blog memes. As you can see from PunditDrome
Which brings up is there space or a category for "mixed" political views?
So far my list contains: Left, Right, Mixed, Gay/Lesbian, Center-Moderate, Independent, Libertarian, Green-Environmentalist-Animal Rights, and Religious (could be further defined if needed). This makes 9 categories for my project. Does this seem to be enough for a complete taxonomy of political blogs?
Thanks for all. And still reading about Kelo!


Torrid has concluded it's over; we're doing more harm than good, and piling up more dead bodies we can't stop from getting killed if we stay.


Unfortunately, we may have another meeting of the minds on this one, but as I loosely suggested, the lack of it (withdrawal) being a probability probably makes the discussion moot. We're there. We're not leaving unless Sistani makes us.

Whew, I guess I don't have to write that post now! :)

Ron, that sounds like an interesting job you have there. Thanks for Punditdrome. It reminded me that I want to freshen this place up with a few new categories as a couple of blogs there are must reads that fit our divided format. Protien Wisdom's Sean Hannity piece both shocked me and made me laugh pretty hard. I read that blog weekly but didn't think it fit in around here, maybe I should rethink that.

It seems the best way to find mixed opinions is to read the truly centrist popular blogs. They attract comments from both perspectives. The hard left and right seem to attract trolls or like minded partisans. There's just not many popular centrists that I'm aware of, but the libertarian bloggers have enormous popularity and while mostly attracting other libertarians they certainly get a healthy mix of opinion. Here you'd want to read Wizbang, Samizdata, QandO, Dean's World and Buzz Machine. Mark Kleiman doesn't take comments, but he's very near the center as is Dan Drezner.

Also there are tons of "expert" and "specialty" blogs that would add to your 9 categories. Some focus on a country, some focus on a topic, etc.

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