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June 17, 2005



Someone's singing Lord, Kumbaya...

And former Republican Senator John Danforth is absolutely right. Someway somehow, Christians must get the messages of Wallis and Danforth through to the Christian public. They're thirsty for it, and uncomfortable with trends they do not control. They innately know this mean-spirited, power hungry, domineering face on Christian politics is not representative of "how we were raised."

I've mentioned a couple times that I owe Digby an explanation on this stuff. He, like me, rightfully senses the reality of Neiwert's well-documented psuedo-fascist creep into the American mainstream. I have made the effort of explaining, to both of them, obstacles to the creep.

Neiwert has since agreed with me, that the intensity of pro-Israel politics on the right will block the hardcore anti-Semitic neo Nazis from serious mainstream footholds. Amen to that. Beware the paleocons in future elections though.

Sinclair Lewis said, paraphrasing, "When fascism comes to America, it will be bearing crosses wrapped in the flag." Digby and Neiwert have both used that with compelling modern day examples. My point to Digby, which he'd like to see developed, is that Christians would rally to halt any real fascism in this country long before marching alongside it. There most certainly is a lost portion of the church (willing to march), there is a confused portion too, and there is this high pressure dominionist face on things both infuriating many and converting many. But anything remotely fascist, will be the end of their ability to win converts, in any frightening manner, and the majority will competely renounce these dominionists.

Anyway, I rambled. Great find, and good for Danforth.

Oh Lord, Kumbaya...

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