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June 09, 2005


Ronald Rutherford

You are right! This is a worthless lazy blog entry.
How about we talk something of substance like ANWR, energy bill, global warming, Social Security or not, CAFTA, living wages, Africa, Democratic VS Republican philosphy or memes as everyone here refers to, United Nations, Amnesty International Calling For Arrest of Bush, International Freedom Center, Kerry's Form 180, Gulags, PATRIOT Act, or municipal wi-fi.


How bout you get a blog and cover them yourself! Blogger lets you start one for free! :)


Hey Ron,

We should be drilling in ANWR by now, but the 2.6 trillion just pissed me off. Good Lord, I feel sorry for future presidents who have to deal with the downside of Bush's spending spree. Nice to see 100s of millions set aside for Enron crooks in the energy bill. Mussolini wasn't kidding when he said the left misnamed fascism. It's corporatism! Doesn't look like global warming is getting the love Enron is though. The dems can celebrate the fact that red states in the south will be the first to sink when the oceans rise. Social Security needs attention after deficits aren't so threatening, so for now Bush should deal with something with a little higher priority, like deficits. Greenspan is predicting something "very unusual" in this country economically in a few years based on the baby boomer retirement problem. I think he'll be glad to be gone. Interesting you mention living wages. Illegal immigrants have a think tank making demands! Only in America. I promise a post about Africa this weekend, but it won't be focused on Mugabe or Bush and Blair's generosity. Upon finishing this comment I will go back to the GOP v. DEM Dizzy Dean thread and think about the best approach to straightening out these wayward libs around here. The UN is sort of like America-- so much potential, so corrupt. You'd think having so much in common they'd get along better. Veto power or not, the expansion of the Security Council is just tightening the Gordian Knot. The only way to ever throw another war is going to be the same way Bush the Great did, ignore the knot. And if Amnesty International wants him arrested, I suggest they file charges and take it up with the DA. Even though they know where he lives, I doubt a citizen's arrest has much chance for success. I don't get the whining over the International Freedom Center. I read Bainbridge's opinion and one article yesterday, and just shrugged. No commentary on Kerry's release should be considered until those that served with him chime in. Where's the Swifties? Gulags are bad, but we're not running gulags. Gulags were a great source of cheap labor. I'm surprised big Corp hasn't cashed in yet. Damn, we've outsourced our bullet manufacturing to Thailand (we ran out of domestic bullets). I'd bet the detainees are fairly handy at loading shells. The Patriot Act will be renewed with even juicier invasions of our privacy and legal rights. Oh well. First they came for the terrorists. I have no idea why municipal wi-fi is on your agenda, but on another note, Greenspan spoke most cryptically about fraudulently inflated RE prices in small municipalities. He didn't say "bubble," but I saw a few in the corner of his mouth. Drool.

Consider this our first open thread. Whatcha got?


Wow Zap... THAT was impressive. But should you really be pounding those double espressos at 10:30 PM?

And by the way, TJ.... you are a flaked out loser.


Thanks Nindid, but I let Ron down. I forgot Doctor Cafta!

Maybe I SHOULD post one of these as an "open" thread from time to time. I'd love to write about all this stuff, but shooting from the hip without fact checking (time consuming) would make A2 too similar to the corporate media.



Ronald Rutherford

I am sorry that it appeared I wanted a response from all those issues. Thanks Zap.
Thanks Torridjoe for your smile. ;)
My post was just to prompt TJ into getting a blog entry of substance that was worth a pedantic discussion.
And yes Zap it does take time, even my posts do take time to fact check.
Keep up the good work guys.
For now I just want to see what other items are of interest to you.


Hey, I just spent the better part of six months ankle-deep in WA Gov coverage. I get a LITTLE bit of vacation, don'I?


No rest for the wicked.

Ronald Rutherford

I almost forgot Friends of Animals.org!
But I think this is of interest:
Porn star candidate to attend GOP dinner


it's not the candidate that bothers me, it's her boss, who will reportedly get private face time with Rove. Let me rephrase that--it doesn't bother me that porn execs can be part of the political process, but that the GOP can be so baldly hypocritical about worrying what the pron kings want, and taking their money.

Ronald Rutherford

Since this is an open thread...
I think this is more funny than the comic above:
"Mexico's government becomes first to adhere to UN's Global Compact" @
I could not open the "Global Compact" link.
Who I think should be next in line are Zimbabwe, China, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Nigeria...and the list goes on.


This should get you into the global compact.

I haven't looked it over yet, but by committing to it, and inevitably failing to comply (Mexican government and elitist business is so corrupt), will Mexico then be in violation of UN... er, resolutions?

Ronald Rutherford

Thanks for the link.

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