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May 12, 2005



TJ, it could be the travel, hotels and airports clouding my head, but this piece is difficult reading. Having followed the story here and elsewhere, I understand the situation clearly, but others may have some trouble winding through. Just a thought.


I see you addressed my reading comprehension at cost, and trust a simple edit is forthcoming?? :)

The negative comments on Glinda's recent diary are mindnumbing. "Reality-based" is NOT the sole realm of the left in the drool of our national discourse. The denial there is a bit disgraceful. If the best defense for Melody's ongoing trouble with honesty is her failed memory, then she simply is not a credible witness.

If her fact-repressing and distorting mind can be so flawed on the events surrounding her career failures, then ot certainly can be repressing and distorting her memories of a run-in with Bolton.

I stand by my original (pre-Theo) assessment. I wish they weren't using her. Bolton's confirmation is all but guaranteed and she completes the process.


"cost" should be "Kos" whew... I need a vacation...


...and I thought you were on the verge of embarking on one, so vergeful that you were on your way already...? Please tell me you're not hanging around in an attempt to make fun of how I write at 1230AM. :)


When I said tomorrow yesterday I meant tomorrow today. Told ya I was frazzled. Flight leaves at 10:40am tomorrow, but I'm in LA today-- screwing around and resting. Bolton has made it through committee. This should be fun from here.

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