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May 13, 2005



It's on C-Span right now. I caught all of Voinovich and Biden, but Sarbanes is losing me... the remote control is urging me to put him out of his misery. Biden was terrific, but about halfway through the his repeat performance, as in he was redundant, he did empty the room. One thing's for sure. He wants some information from State or the Intelligence Committee, and it doesn't matter if Bolton is confirmed or not. He wants to see what they're hiding, and he wants to know why.


I think Biden is rightfully pissed that Lugar left him out to dry on the State material. When they last met, Lugar promised he would help seek the data. In the end, State gave them answers to just the GOP questions, not the Dems--and Lugar did nothing about it but shrug his shoulders.

I did hear Sarbanes was pretty painful.

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