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May 03, 2005




a) TVW will carry the trial.

b) The Dems have trouble w/ their Whatcom list

c) I think Judge Bridges is being incredibly fair-handed in this, and wants an accurate, nonpartisan list to start the analysis.

d) As to the election department screw-up ballots, let me just say this not just as a preview for tomorrow morning but also as an American first: If Rossi loses because of ballots that were legit and should have been counted; then Rossi lost to the better candidate, period. Yet, will we get them counted? Will the Gov'r-PRO-TEM get them counted and tallied so she can be legitimate?

Gosh, I dunno. I hope the legal votes count, because I - unlike Chris Vance, Dino, et.al. - believed in count every LEGAL vote to the extreme of letting in the Larry Phillips/No Signature on File Ballots!!


Sometimes, it's best to hit preview first.

As to b - go HERE.

As to c - that was obviously a felon list.

Sincerest apologies;


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