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May 17, 2005



Zhirinovski is the laughing stock of the Duma. His ultra-nationalism is something very dangerous that I have discussed before, intimating Putin may be the best option, because change in Russia will be change for the worse.

But Zhirinovsky is such a kook, even his ultra nationalist brethren in the Duma would like to see him go down. So, the Russian forums I read believe he's their patsy, and they get a big belly laugh out of the idea that he is the Russian bad guy in the Oil for Food scandal.

When I say he's a kook, well, back when I was researching anti-Semitism in Russia, I ran across a video of him campaigning, with a pop band, think Abba. He was on stage singing his political agenda: Pro-Zion because it will get rid of the Jews. It even rhymed.

To the US company redactions. I think I got your redactions right here:


activist kaza

Galloway gave Coleman hell today (as well he should). The Minnesota is becoming a shameless shill for the WH, and is fast becoming the Gopher State's worst senator since a certain McCarthy in the '50s (no, not clean Gene).

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