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May 07, 2005



Nothing surprises me anymore, but mostly I'm thankful for this piece so it pushes the salami story off the top. :0

I've been promising a Wallis writeup for 3 weeks now, and since God's Politics is unfinished, overdue and unrenewable (too many other people have holds on it), looks like I'll have run out of excuses to put it together. Needless to say, he would be unsparing in his criticism of this kind of thinking. Something about logs and motes, I imagine.

I wonder what Haywood's minister thinks of "dirty cheerleading."


“Baptist churches are autonomous and answer to no central authority.”

Some wing nut pastor of a 100-person church in a dark hollow of the Smoky Mountains INDEPENDENTLY goes off the deep end. There are loose cannons in a lot of churches, so what. This does not provide the additional brick in the wall between religion and “good” that you are obviously searching for.


"There are loose cannons in a lot of churches..."



I mentioned this story to my parents...who are devout Evangelicals who attend a Baptist Church in their town.

They were absolutely appalled.

Hope springs eternal.

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