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April 06, 2005



I can't figure out why no-one's coming to the obvious conclusion on this. Marriage is and always has been a religious institution. In a country that's supposedly seperating "church" from "state," state-sanctioned marriages seem to tie the two together pretty closely.

I'm not making a value judgement here, I'm just saying that we're trying to "have our cake and eat it too." We either need to accept that certain christian religious principles are integrally tied to our system of government and tell everyone that doesn't like it to stuff it, or we need to quit waffling about and finish severing the ties. This riding around in the middle is ridiculous.

So if we want to seperate church and state, then we get the state out of the marriage business altogether. We create a new legal entity called a civil partnership in which two individuals agree to take a certain level of responsibility for one-another, are given whatever rights deemed appropriate and are sent on their way. Marriages would then be optional and sanctioned by whatever religious body those involved deemed appropriate.


No doubt Squeg, no doubt.


I also (also) agree. When I've heard this solution debated it is considered too radical. How can something so simple and reasonable be too radical?


Regarding Kansas, I'm going to guess half the states in the country do the same in the next couple years. We're already up to 18. So the country is dividing itself between states that recognize gay marriage and states that don't. California's appeal, if it makes it to SCOTUS, will be the bell-weather ruling. If CA's voters are denied by those activist judges, the plaintive wail from dominionist Christians for a US constitutional amendment protecting marriage will be HUGE. I can't imagine Congress ever getting 2/3rds behind the amendment. The GOP has to know this, but how do they explain it to Dr. Dobson? Could this issue be downfall of the rabid Christian alliance with the GOP? I think so.


Err, Queer Eye is made in NYC. Any chance we're indulging in a little stereotyping?


stereotyping of whom/what, Required? Television? Hollywood? Gays?

If you mean that I was suggesting Hollywood is "gay" because they make Queer Eye--and in fact QE is produced in NY--I was referring to the cultural machine, not necessarily the locus of production. Will and Grace could be filmed in Vancouver BC, for all I know.

California and NY are indeed gay meccas, although of course they're meccas for pretty much everyone else, too.

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