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April 22, 2005




I heard on the radio that the withdrawal isn't total. The two Portland officers with the JTTF will retain their security clearance and will work with the JTTF in the case of an imminent terrorist emergency/attack, apparently.

Good for Tom Potter, btw. If the feds aren't going to give at least some oversight to at least one local official...they shouldn't be doing law enforcement in Portland.


I cover some of this in the post, but they retain top secret clearance--except they'll only use the privilege in "emergencies." It's an artificial way to level the cops with the Mayor, but it does the job I guess. What I can't figure out is why they didn't play this like a compromise: Jordan keeps his cops when he needs them; Potter regains day to day control over them and never knows less than they do. Isn't that essentially something for both sides? Yet they were all hangdog about it, and Immergut didn't even show up for the presser. Weird.

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