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March 18, 2005




Good entry. The Corrie case is not compelling beyond the cause and advocacy arena. Opportunistic from an awareness standpoint is more like it IMO.

On your secondary (or was it tertiary) point, if I were blogging I hope (one never knows until one tries) that I would not sacrifice my integrity on the right-wing topic du jour. Look forward to your Schiavo post.



Thanks for noticing the post. I always wonder when I lay stuff out there like that who else feels the way I do. It's nice to not be alone.

My beef of the day has moved on to the notion that somehow I'm not a worthy enough blogger to qualify for links on the upper tier blogs because I don't sport a penis.

I live in hope that one day we'll be past that crap.

Your friend in rantage,



Modern medicine can do miracles, Carla! You can sport whatever you like!



You liberal freakazoid. :)

On topic, I'm sure Cat has many more lives than this suit threatens, and they will use free enterprise as a worthy defense.

On the final comments, I find your (and Carla's) independence admirable. I'm equally frustrated by it. Carla commented recently (in my secrecy post) that the answer "in part" to what ails us might be a "solid, vocal and focused opposition party." Your adversary is solid, extremely focused (united) and understands the power of a singular popular appeals. The Left is being steamrolled in the process. It may be uncomfortable to chime in alongside so many others on Big topics, but the issue is crucial, the information going public convoluted, then somehow the Left has to learn to bang enough cymbals to start winning some major battles.

TJ told me at the beginning of the campaign season that Democrats were bad at playing dirty. I'd never supported a democrat before, so I'd never paid close attention to the inner details like I was this time. You support a very weak party that isn't bad at playing dirty, it doesn't understand the dynamics of spirited competition in the ugly realm of politics. Politics are ugly by nature. Don't play unless you intend to play rough; otherwise, you just get your ass kicked.

A thousand bloggers on the left sound like birds chirping on a bright Spring morning to the Right. It's sweet music because their is no focus and no damage done.

A thousand bloggers on the right get into formation and swoop down on prey like vicious seagulls in a Hitchcock film. The Left serves up a sacrificial lamb and the right picks it clean to the bone and waits for the next issue to eat. Meanwhile, the Left goes on singing in the morning about a thousand minor complaints.

This country is in trouble.

Oh, I'll disagree with you on Shiavo. It should be an interesting discussion. Regular Zap posting should resume this coming week.


many late night typos once again... sorry.



I think you miss the point on the "united party" thing. If you get a chance...go read my post at PK on it.

It's the sound machine that gets PAID to do these jobs that need to work together to create a unified voice. Those of us who do it on our own have to be free to write on what moves us, IMO.

Bloggers like Kos, Wonkette, Josh Marshall, Atrios would do well to be a part of the sound machine because they're bigger and they collect paychecks for what they do. If someone wants to pay TJ and me to write as a part of the sound machine..I have a feeling we'd both sign on. But I don't think you (the collective you..not personal) can ask bloggers who don't get paid to write about what they're told to write about.

Incidentally TJ...I wouldn't make a very good guy..even with an operation. LOL


Excuse me as I hate to break up the lovefest, but what has Caterpillar to do with Rachel Corrie's death that her parents deserve money. What is Caterpillar's liability here?

You folks are way out there!!


Swatter, I think we all agree their legal liability is close to nil. There are other kinds of liability however, IMO.


Come on, we can't carry things that far. It is that attitude that caused Mickey Ds to lose a ton of money over spilt coffee. The liability has to stop somewhere and personal responsibility has to take over.

On a business sidelight, did you know that every condo in Seattle is under lawsuit? It seems the legal profession has talked all the associations to sue over condo liability. And guess what, condo insurers will pay to settle and perpetuate the problem. I can't believe there is that much wrong with all these condos to generate a 100 lawsuit rate.


I don't know what you mean by "carry things that far." Who's carrying what where? Nobody here thinks the Corries have a case against Cat--got it?

As an aside however, the McDonald's case you speak of is nowhere near as you describe it. It was about hot coffee, but in the context of McD's a) refusing to pay medical bills (about 18K if I recall) or settle and thus finding itself in trial over the matter, and b) there were MULTIPLE cases of the same thing happening, including I believe prior settlements, after which McD's did nothing about the temperature or cups that hold their coffee.

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