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March 16, 2005




Thank you again for the great work. I want to tell you to keep up the good work but how can I? You aren't getting paid and you don't even live here.

So thanks, thanks, many thanks and if you grow tired of covering this in debacle in WA, please continue to drop by HA - your comments and input are highly valued there as well.


I, too, thought it a long shot, but, in my case, I had hoped he prevailed.

Why would someone with zero ties to Washington maintain a Washington Drivers' License?

Trying to get some of that home-cooking subsidies by not paying local income tax? Don't you have to also get a license from the State you live in. How does he get checks passed when he has to give ID?

There is so much wrong with this that it astounds me. But, like they say, "rules are made to be broken".


I don't see what's wrong, Swatter. Servicemembers get moved around, so they are afforded the ability to choose their residency. For voting, he has chosen WA, and he's done nothing to undo that choice. Leave him alone.


I suppose you are right. I just wish everyone were an informed voter in local, which includes State, elections. I know of people who vote by which name they like the best, so I suppose someone living in Georgia has as much of an informed vote as the others I just mentioned.

Sometimes I just wish the world were perfect.

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