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March 10, 2005



As you know from weeks old email, I've been trying to wrap my mind around these events. Egyptian bloggers sure don't think Mubarak is suggesting SOP. They're pleased and excited. Other than that, I'm mostly in agreement with your thinking here. At least you credit these events as part of the Bush record. Many on the left refuse to do that much.
On enabling the Caliphate, I'll have to frame a post of my own; but, as we in the US have a project for the new American century, in Israel they had something similar-- A plan to reduce Arab lands to small harmless statelets. Only time will tell which way things are headed.


Cole's point on Egypt was that popular parties are still barred, like the Muslim Brotherhood.

As for crediting Bush--not so much. Palestine has nothing to do with Bush, and he was not in favor of Iraqi elections and only backed down to pressure from Sistani. I think his impact on Lebanon is unclear. As far as it goes, I might give him domino props on whatever meager reform is sparked in Egypt.

People and nations adapt, and positive outcomes can flow from negative actions. But the karma meter is still pinned on the bad end for Bush, and based on the harm he's inflicted and the damage he's caused, there will have to be a half-dozen Hong Kongs (the British kind) in the Middle East before he can undo that damage IMO.

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