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March 06, 2005



In the school district where some of these trash food freedoms have been restricted, enterprising young capitalists have been stocking their lockers with candy bars and peddling them for a $1.50 ea. I support these black market Snicker's dealers, and I wonder what penalties they could face!

In an open market system, a demand will always be met with a supply. My dear Goobernator could ban all junk food in a closed society, but he's pissing in the wind in a free country.

Education not regulation, please.


You agree that demand can be manufactured though, don't you? I'm not saying kids aren't hard wired to consume junk food, they are--but they're not going to pick anything else unless you provide them something else.

Another important factor that most better-off families may not realize: for a lot of kids, especially in poorer districts, those two meals (breakfast and lunch) that the government is providing--that's all they get, maybe except for what they scrounge. The school system is not a disinterested party serving meals.

Interesting how our positions have flipped from the prison discussion. You're the one clinging to the ideology of liberty and markets; I'm the one saying "hang my hatred; we need to stop peddling shit to our kids."


The demand is manufactured by marketing (external from the school system), the supply is a stupid provision. As long as the external demand is created, somehow it will be met. Should schools be feeding kids junk? No. But the vending machines are a small part of that problem. Will banning junk stop kids from indulging? Maybe a little, but I cannot help but envision kids swallowing huge handfuls of M&Ms, and looking at the junk food police and saying, "Wha' Choklah?" I'd hope we both agree education is far more substantial than regulation (and should include parents moreso than teachers). Not mentioned often enough is the unfortunate sedentary nature of kids today. Alot of it has to do with us living in a more dangerous society, but when I heard P.E. was being cut for kids K - 5, well...

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