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February 08, 2005


Tom Carter

TJ, I'll admit to being a bit older than you were at the time of Watergate, and I also followed every fascinating minute of it. I was living in Washington at the time, and I still have a copy of the Washington Post with the headline shown on the HRC site you linked to.

Now that the Woodstein papers are in Austin, my official-home-for-tax-purposes, I may even try to get a look at them next time I'm there.

What I really, really want to know is who was Deepthroat? I've always kind of liked the idea that maybe there was no Deepthroat, making Woodstein responsible for one of the most successful and delightful scams of all time.

By the way, I admire the work you and Carla are doing on the WA election mess, and Watergate on top of all that! So, I've linked to you.


Thanks for the kind words, Tom.
Interesting you mention DeepThroat. In the last couple weeks, apparently Woodstein has alerted Post executive Len Downie that DeepThroat is quite ill. All along, Woodward and Bradlee have pledged to come clean once DT is dead, and we may be nearing that point.



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