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February 05, 2005



It's not just Postman's lack of clarification that bugs me here.

Where are the Democrats on the PR of this? They are constantly playing catch-up. Their side of this is so drowned out by the lack of an echo chamber..it's ridiculous.

They're the ones who are arguing the 1912 case..they're the ones that brought it up in court. Why aren't they out they're talking it up?


Hey, as long as the judge hears it I'm satisfied, and it seems like he has. That's one I haven't read--does anyone know the litigants so I can try to find it?


Well, no wonder the URL of this blog can't be put in the comments on "Sound Politics" -- it's the blog of TorridJoe. (AKA WarmedOverJava) ;-)

If there's a 1912 court opinion being talked about, it's probably the one in this entry "Croker Sack":


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