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February 11, 2005



Carper and Nelson are the same shmucks who've been weak and pasty in Marshall's eyes for months. We know the cuts part won't even fly in the GOP. That leaves payroll taxes and deficit spending. One he doesn't want, the other he can't avoid doing.

The White House is hoping to smoke out a plan,
and while those are weak Democrats, I can't help wondering if they're not trying to draw Bush back. The cat's already king of out of the bag, with Cheney admitting "trillions" and all. Not a soul in this country is going to buy something that costs "trillions" right now.

This isn't coming up until fall, they think. Right now is all posturing and tactics. After the failure of the big tour, I think they'll lick their wounds for a while and keep stabbing at the framing.

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