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February 06, 2005


Rick Schaut


Using examples of Sharia application under Wahabist regimes to predict what's going to happen in Iraq is rather like using the Great Depression as one's sole predictor for the stock market. Particularly, even the fundamentalist Shiite notion of Sharia is far less strident than Wahabist interpretations.

While Iran is not exactly an example of a free society (ask any Baha'i), it's far more free than, say, Afghanistan was in March of 1996.

Moreover, Ali Sistani is far less of a hard-liner than the clerics in Iran, so there is a legitimate reason to hold at least a cautious optimism for the prospects of democracy in Iraq.


Rick, of course you're right, and I need to curb my tendency to sensationalize. I'm working on it. On one hand, I want to shine a light on an issue by showing how far off the corporate media is, and in so doing, I am prone to exaggeration or overshooting the point myself. On the other hand, I do want to inform the uninformed on situations like Sudan and Nigeria, and should probably use a better topic to do so. So many topics, so little time. Thanks for the input.

Clearly, here I should have used Iran for more pertinent examples of applied Islamic Law. For a look at that situation, there's six pages of examples here:


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