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February 02, 2005



I'm thankful I was only lumped into the "harmless Israel critic of the American Left" category!

More seriously, I think it's interesting how I get excused because I'm merely more correct in my criticisms, without overstating relative crimes against humanity. Essentially, I'm given a pass for being critical of Israel the country, as opposed to The Jews. But isn't that what these survey questions ask?--how people feel about Israel and their policies? I certainly grant that these people are _mistaken_ that what they're doing is anywhere near as bad as Auschwitz. The recent PBS series was a stark reminder--10,000 a day at the crematoria when they ran full tilt. But we know why they're mistaken; they don't know about the Holocaust, as you say. That's an educational failure, although in hypersensitive Germany for people not to know is wigged out. Maybe it's not as hypersensitive as the last time I was there.

But I think charges of bigotry and racism--certainly racism--need to be backed up with active anti-Semitic events. Growth in fascist movements. Increase in violent hate crime. Etc. I know that's part of your discussion too, but what I hear from these posts is that Europe is entirely too sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause, and that makes them dangerously anti-Semitic. I say yes on one, no on two.

Also, Europe has a growing number of Muslim immigrants who take surveys. Survey ringers, in this case.

Welcome Oxblogians!


TJ: Most evidence is anecdotal. For the simple reason that people probably don't want to know the truth, there's little quantitative work done. But...the anecdotes make the otherwise uncaring like me shudder.

Rabbis throughout most of Europe have told Jews not to wear kippot in public, for example.

Also, how...insane a lot of the reaction has gotten. See the numerous academic boycotts.

That is very creepy. It takes the historically clued in maybe 5 seconds to remember that one of the first acts of Hitler was to remove Jews from academia.

Now, am I saying we're anywhere near there? No. Emphatically, no.

But it does set off the spidey-sense, y'know? The instinct that says 'Uh oh, those chains aren't quite so tight anymore'.

We had that demon locked away and bound to the rocks for a long time, and I think we've gotten complacent.

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