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January 19, 2005


Mac Diva

How can half the population be "unique"? Many adjectives can be applied to women, but I don't think unique fits them as a group.

Good debunking of David Brooks. Telling that he went to the trouble of making up data to fit what he wanted to say. I also read at a 'race realist' blog I monitor that Brooks was lamenting the lack of white births, not births in general. That seems clearer in the earlier article. (I just checked, and some blogs, Including Tapped, pick up on the race angle.)

I also suspect there is a significant proportion of people who regret having children, or at least having the children they had. Not something folks want to think about, though-:).

What Bill Thomas is saying about Social Security isn't feasible. Real Equal Protection problems there.


women are uniquely suited to childbirth, for instance. Their pelvises are unique. Etc. And I plead that the news has indeed been about the uniqueness of women, insofar as they sought biogenetic reasons to explain behavior.

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