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January 25, 2005



Nice, but too weak. If a no vote leads to ratfication, which is likely, then it's masturbatory.


Mr. Polemical! :)

I won't enter into this discussion again here, but I just got off the phone with Senator Smith's (R-OR) office. His staffer said he was originally "yes to confirm, on the condition that he (Smith) needed to review the hearing transcripts again." I tried to connect that stance to the Congressional Democrat grumblings that Gonzales failed to answer several of the questions satisfactorily, and the staffer said that was probably part of Smith's rationale for not committing, but he couldn't be sure.

He also couldn't be sure if Smith had changed his mind, but for certain I got no enthusiasm about a 'yes' vote. If Smith's finger is sufficiently wet, he may be one blue-state R Senator who is feeling new winds of dissension.


Any readers curious about the discussion Torrid will not enter into again here (and I gave him the last word as it is), most of it can be found in the comments under the third link above, Confirming Gonzo, Weakening the Constitution. Our debate is whether he should be filibustered or if dissenters should just vote no, and let the outcome be decided accordingly. I say filibuster. Torrid says vote no.

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