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January 28, 2005



Excellent, excellent, excellent. I'm pretty sure #5 doesn't apply to me, but the rest is great!! :)

I'm on my library's list to borrow God's Politics from Wallis when it comes in:

And I just got an email from Chuck Currie this morning, telling me about the local UCC church that he belongs to. As Jules said in Pulp Fiction, "that's all there is to it--I'm f****'n going!" You can find a link to his blog under the "AlsoLeft" links...


whoops--he's under AlsoOregon, actually.


Did you notice the footballguys hits we were getting? If so, did you click on the referral and read my post there? It was written fast and furious, but a good Zap addendum to the above thoughts.


The following was my comments to Joe Bryant at football guys, regarding an article he posted (About Bush's not so fervid Christianity). It's what brought a couple dozen from that board to the MLK post.

Hi Joe,

I read the article, but avoided most of the comments after reading a couple. Imo, the article is a less then harmful attempt to cover up Bush's Christianity, which is interesting.

Bush has said literally, that God wanted him to run for President. And then transitioned that into God wanted him to be President. He has claimed that God told him to attack Afghanistan, to attack Iraq, and to bring peace to the Middle-East. When asked if he'd consulted his father, he stated he appealed to a higher Father. I could go on and on, but what's the point? Bush believes he is acting in accordance with God's will, but those actions are most wanting by any interpretation of Christ's message.

I'm a bible literalist, an evangelical Christian with years of personal study invested, and I cannot help but smell the Pharisees and Sadducees when I consider the Bush administration. The Sadducees used their high priesthood for financial gain and political power, while many of the Pharisees were abhorently hypocritical in their fundamentalist rendering of scripture. Remember it was of the Pharisees that Christ said, "Do as they say, not as they do."

While the old testament is crammed with God's warrior spirit, Christ's message is not well-recieved by warmonger interests. Turn the other cheek. Love you enemies. Blessed are the peacemakers. I could go on and on. George Bush's foreign policy is in direct conflict with Christ's message, and I find it impossible to believe that he's received direct instruction from God to bomb the life out of thousands of innocents. He's a hypocrity led by Pharisees and a sadly disappointing Christian leader.

Martin Luther King gave a speech long ago that still applies.

Beyond Vietnam

As far as Bush being THE Anti-Christ, get a grip. Even if you hold to dispensational eschatology, as Bush does, and even if you are a pre-tribulationist millenarian, as I suspect Bush is, you still cannot get past the fact that the Anti-Christ will deceive most of Israel into believing that he is Messiah; and therefore, Anti-Christ will not be an American President or Catholic Pope, but someone who fulfills the Old Testament, Judaism version of messianic prophecy, which means he must be a Jew to be King of the Jews.

As far as Bush being "an" anti-Christ, in the heretical, many will come in my name, Peterist description. Sure. That seems fairly obvious to this Christian. When I heard Bush used the scripture that claims all world leaders are appointed by God, therefore he was appointed by God... well, I think anyone who's spent a Sunday in church while an annointed Pastor taught that scripture, understands that Lincoln, Stalin, King James, Hitler, Bush and Saddam, all qualify as God's appointed.

Also, I think the very title, Dispensational Eschatological Pre-tribulationist Millenarian (DEPM) exposes just how fragile bible interpretation can be, and just how cautious we should be when moving beyond the core Christian principles of the virgin birth, triune nature of God, redemptive sacrifice of Christ, and salvation by faith alone.

In the end Christians are called to be done with this world, to pledge allegiance to no nation and no leader, to hold every thought captive to Christ. Our kingdom is not of this world, but a heavenly kingdom, and Christians pandering for corporate lucre in order to gain worldly political power... you get the point.

Thanks for the article.

Disclaimer-- My claim that the Jew will be Anti-Christ is only within that particular vein of eschatology. Just keeping the ADL at bay.

G Davis

Interesting reading. I don't profess to be a theologian, I was caught by Wallis' television tour last weekend and put his *God's Politics* on my to borrow list as well. ;0

Some of the above reading though I think is a bit over thought, if you will.

Bush is a supposedly recovering alcoholic that *found* God in his recovery. Like many before him, his zealotry for same is not founded in deep faith, but surface conversion, akin to addiction transfer.

I've known true deeply faithful folks in my time, and none of them remotely resembled the demagogic zealotry on display in the WH (and surrounds) today. The true faith I've been privileged to witness is personal and completely enmeshed in their beings. There is no thing ostentatious about faith in the true deep believer.

It is a good thing perhaps that religion has been so publically exploited. It might create an atmosphere for all of us to evaluate our personal approach to our personal spirituality.

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