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January 31, 2005



Are you sure you didn't actually "Wright" it, Zap? :)

Two disconnected points:

*Today's Oregonian prints a letter to the editor rebuffing critics of Bush interventionism. The author had the curious gall to refer to Wilson, as an apparent spur to make Democrats rethink their opposition. Funny, when I watched that PBS bio of Wilson a month ago, he died trying to motivate a recalcitrant public and Congress to accept the burden of fomenting international change. Perhaps not the best object model for the current President?

*I have a running argument with a common acquaintance of ours, that it was not US militarism that crushed the Soviets, but US satellite technology and transmitted culture. Why do you think Mao shut China like a dungeon from the rest of the world for so long? Information and knowledge expose mendacity and ignorance. In such a climate, the latter cannot prevail. (Especially when they gain knowledge that the first three seasons of Seinfeld are available on DVD).


Frankly, Wilson's interventionism was as misguided as is neoconservatism is delusional. They're both so layered with doublethink that 1984 should become required reading for anyone extolling their virtues.

Gorbachav recently wrote an essay that defended your opinion on the fall of authoritarian communism in Russia. I think it is a little unfair to claim the military build-ups and the insanity of MAD (mutually assured destruction) didn't play a vital role in negotiating the transition in the USSR. But, the infiltration of our compelling "idea" certainly won the day, not threats of destruction.

Worrisome to me is current attitudes in Russia that suggest the compelling idea is failing, and the US is again the enemy-- a now hot interventionist, not cold diplomatic, enemy.

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